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His relationship with Christine lasted from late August to October 2013.

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"It's good, kasi (because) it's something in my life (that we're all right again, that we're friends again, because) 6 years is 6 years," Derek continued, referring to how long he and Angelica dated.

He added that he was thankful that she reached out.

Derek Ramsay says breaking up with former girlfriend Solenn Heussaff broke his heart.

File photo by Alexa Villano/Rappler MANILA, Philippines – They broke up years ago, but Derek Ramsay says his relationship with former girlfriend Solenn Heussaff broke his heart.

“I fell in love with her and she fell in love with me.

[Having a son] is part of who I am and [having a daughter] is part of who she is. “Some women would’ve been hesitant to disclose having kids, but not her.” While he’s been blessed all his life, the only thing missing is a lifetime partner, Derek owned up.(READ: Derek Ramsay: 'Minahal ko si Angelica, I'll never forget that') At a January 21 interview before a press conference for his new movie, Derek told reporters that Angelica reached out to him in December, greeting him a belated happy birthday."I mean we all have our own time to heal you know, and it was nice for her to reach out and greet me for my birthday," said Derek on the situation.And now that she's ready, she realized (that she made the effor tot talk to me).And I was really touched by her reaching out, especially on my birthday pa naman, she remembered." Derek shared that he didn't know who had greeted him at first, because Angelica had changed her number since they broke up.But when he realized that it was her, he called her up and the two caught up.

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