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This article provides a detailed history of the SX-28 production and how it evolved during WWII to become the SX-28A.

Serial number analysis and a serial number log along with a chronological listing of Engineering Upgrades provides tools for accurately dating your receiver.

55 years later, I purchased this SX-28 from W6EYC's son.

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No other communications receiver, even those that are better performers, has such a dedicated following.

Certainly, the SX-28's top performance that combines great audio with an impressive appearance is responsible for the enthusiasm of its fans .

Oddly, the ad states that the Super Skyrider is a 14 tube receiver but this is more than likely just an error from the advertising department.

Also shown on page two is the Jensen-Hallicrafters R-12 bass reflex speaker, an option that was available for $29.50.

Originally, the wire screen grilles were flocked with a champagne colored mohair but this seldom survives today.

R-12s were only available from late-1940 up to the beginning of WWII, which accounts for their rarity today.

The R-12 cabinet is made up of five panels that clamp together using internally mounted clips.

The back of the speaker screws in place and seals the cabinet except for the bass reflex port.

The largest speaker-cabinet available was the R-12.

The R-12 speaker-cabinet utilizes a wide-range 12" Jensen PM speaker with a 5000 ohm Z matching transformer to match the audio output of the SX-28.

The frequency coverage was .55 to 43MC in six bands.

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