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Currently, Irish law does not criminalise the exchange of sex for money but it does criminalise most prostitution-related activities such as pimping.

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There was an expectation that the bill would be passed by the Dáil as the house passed a raft of last-minute bills earlier this year, but this did not happen.

The sex workers’ standpoint Kate Mc Grew of Sex Workers Alliance Ireland, which opposes criminalisation, says the bill was not passed because of a late increase in opposition to its proposals.Despite the claim that there was an upswell of opposition to the proposals, the bill received broad political support with Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin among those lending opposition support.The recommendation to criminalise the purchase of sex had also come from the Oireachtas Justice Committee which had investigated Ireland’s prostitution laws.She said she was told by Neary that sex workers will be included in future hearings which will not be open to observers or webcast, but was not told when these hearings would take place.Magnanti said: There was a lot of concern because I was hearing from sex workers based in Ireland who had actually first been trying to go to hearings, but also trying to get on the list of people presenting evidence.There were enough members in the Seanad and the Dáil who gave evidence of the detrimental effects of criminalisation for so long that it wasn’t able to progress, because there was too many questions over this legislation.

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