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As mentioned the main nightlife area in town is Oxford Street.

This is where you find bars like: Those are all good bars or clubs to go to, but prostitutes will go to them as well.

Don’t be surprised if the ‘free’ girl you pulled from a bar ends up asking you for some cash in the morning.

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As far as meeting single girls that aren’t hookers goes this can be kind of difficult.

This is one of those spots where the prostitutes and good girls may end up partying at the same bar so it is hard to know who is who.

There are plenty of freelance prostitute bars around town that make finding prostitutes very easy.

You can get cheap sex in Accra with no problems and if you spend enough time looking around can find some very hot girls.

One quick note, the police here will sometimes set up road blocks by known prostitute bars.

If you leave with a girl they may stop you and extort some cash from you.Really though, you should just always have your eyes peeled when walking around town.If you see a sexy girl go chat her up and see how it goes.That makes it a bit tricky, but remember that if a girl does happen to ask for cash in the morning it shouldn’t be too much.What often happens is guys end up ‘shoring’ and having sex with prostitutes for free.You can expect that damn near every girl at Jokers is a pro, at Hot Gossip you should assume they all are but there might be some non pros in the mix.

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