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Some 7,000 National Guard members will report to duty Friday, when the storm could be bearing down on Florida.

Scott says tolls will be suspended to keep traffic flowing as residents begin to evacuate coastal areas in the potential path of the dangerous Category 5 storm.

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In addition to Irma, Tropical Storm Jose has now formed behind it in the open Atlantic far from land. It has maximum sustained winds of 40 mph and is about 1505 miles east of the Lesser Antilles.

Jackie Kreuter, 56, of Gulfport, Florida, tosses pool furniture in his pool on Tuesday so it doesn't fly around during the impending hurricane.

'Most of this island chain is only three to five feet above sea level. Pray for everyone please.'All commercial flights from Key West International Airport have been cancelled until further notice, with planes and ships being told to stay away from the area. It could go west into the Gulf of Mexico or east into the Atlantic, or make landfall in Georgia, Florida or the Carolinas Keys officials are expected to announce a full evacuation today.

With the surges we're expecting this is not the place to be.' Monroe County Sheriff Rick Ramsay, meanwhile, said: 'This storm is a killer. We are going to get it, just don't know if it is a partial or a head on strike. It's still unclear where the storm will turn once it gets closer to the U. The US Navy has already ordered the evacuation of 5,000 of its sailors, contractors and civilian workers from Naval Air Station Key West.

The hurricane - which is the size of France - is the most powerful storm ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, with 185mph winds.

'This is not one to fool around with,' Cammy Clark, spokeswoman for Monroe County, which contains the Keys, said.Kreuter, along with her mother, husband, sister, daughter, grandson, five dogs and a bird are boarding up their home and business and leaving for Ocala to get out of Hurricane Irma's way Irma's center was expected to move near or over the northern Leeward Islands late Tuesday and early Wednesday, the hurricane center said.The eye was then expected to pass about 50 miles from Puerto Rico late Wednesday.Irma is currently roaring toward the northeast Caribbean on a path that could take it to the US - causing thousands to start panic buying and preparing to evacuate in Florida.Meanwhile three Disney Dream cruises have been cancelled amid worries the storm will head north into Florida - raising fears Disney World could close as it did in 2016 during Hurricance Matthew.Trucks are currently hauling away boats and people are packing in preparation for leaving.

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