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After you install it (if you follow the link, it will take you less than a minute), activate it by clicking on the star that will appear on your browser, go to a webpage in Mandarin and point at a character you don’t know with your mouse.

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You'll learn a lot about their cultures and languages too!

Disclaimer: This article, which when it was first published in June 2012 contained 25 resources, is updated every year with the best web sites and free apps that we “discover” (many of which were suggested to us by you readers).

If you use Skritter to learn and write Chinese characters, then I also recommend that you take a look at the pop-up dictionary Zhongwen since it allows you to import words directly into your Skritter account; just click the letter “S” on your keyboard.

Click here to install Zhongwen on Chrome and here to install it on Firefox.

Our goal is not to list For years we have always recommended Nciku as a desktop dictionary, which has howeverbeen acquired by Naver and rebranded as Line Dictionnary (Line is an application similar to Whats App, leading the sector in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and other Asian nations).

Naver has preserved the most important characteristics of the dictionary, especially the database that, each time you search a character or word, suggests various phrases that illustrate the different meanings of a given character in a well-defined context.

Hanzi Craft is a software developed by Niel de la Rouviere.

I find it especially useful for people who are learning how to write Chinese characters, as it breaks down a character into its main components.

In my opinion a tool like this is particularly helpful for translating slang expressions for which a dictionary is rarely useful.

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