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"I f****d up," he said at the time in a tweeted statement.

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On February 9, he abruptly walked out of a press conference for his film "Nymphomaniac: Volume I" after randomly answering a question with a quote from a French soccer star.

Although La Beouf didn't stay for "Nymphomaniac's" media event, he did show up for the premiere wearing one eye-catching accessory: a paper bag over his head bearing his favorite phrase, "I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE," scrawled in black marker.

He said he was retiring from public life in early January, and then began tweeting "I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE" daily for weeks.

All of that fueled rumors that he was actually in the middle of a performance art piece, and one could only hope that's what caused his bizarre appearance at the Berlin Film Festival.

Leaving summer popcorn films firmly in his past, La Beouf focused on creating a career in indie filmmaking. I'm done."Interestingly, the more adventuresome La Beouf became with his art, the more often we saw him naked.

In 2012, as he starred in "Lawless," he said that "there's no room for being a visionary in the studio system. The actor happily went full-frontal in a Sigur Ros music video in 2012, and then announced that he planned on getting naked again in Lars von Trier's explicitly erotic drama, "Nymphomaniac." La Beouf has said -- perhaps jokingly -- that he sent in videotapes of himself having sex with his girlfriend to prove he could handle the role's unsimulated sex scenes.

In January 2014 La Beouf literally aimed higher with his tour of regret and decided to skywrite "I am sorry Daniel Clowes" across the skies of Los Angeles.

After his skywriting effort, La Beouf's actions grew increasingly strange.

He began responding to the vitriol online with more plagiarism, borrowing from mea culpas by Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and even "Nymphomaniac" director von Trier.

Of course, it appears that La Beouf has a very different definition of what it means to be retired.

I'm embarrassed that I failed to credit @danielclowes for his original graphic novella Justin M. I was truly moved by his piece of work & I knew that it would make a poignant & relevant short.

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