First valentines day dating

Many thanks to Ladyheart at Morguefile for the use of some of her elements.A sweet table for two women, with cups of latte for Mrs. A cute card for the newlywed's first Valentine's Day. Sweet little cupid waters the garden of love which is blossoming this Valentine's Day as the Newlyweds celebrate their first Valentine's Day as a couple.

But because we are meeting on the day itself - i just want to be prepared!

I most definitely woudnt offer something to him and be the first to do that - for fear of him being totally embarrassed if he hasnt!

Its simply that we are meeting on the actual valentines day itself - and I have never done that - so dont know the protocol.

We have been getting on great on the phone - so at the very least we will have a giggle, if nothing else!

This design features a dark espresso background, along with pretty pink tablecloth and pink rose heart-shaped wreath. Just customize the front of this card which features a lovely bottle of wine and two glasses for a sweet personal touch. I find myself falling deeper in love with you, every day we spend together or apart.

Your heart speaks poetry to my soul, and your spirit sings of hope, love and joy ...

You could always give a small gift the next time you meet once you know a bit more about his tastes. I would never agree to meal for first meet - in case we dont get on, i always feel one drink is safer!

However, if we do get along well, and he suggests dinner on the spot - i would agree for sure as a spontaneous thing, but wouldnt plan that. He really should have taken that as a warning under the circumstances.

So - been invited to meet gorgeous guy (from another site) - on the magical day itself, in the evening. Getting on great chatting on phone, fancy the pants off him (well the photo anyway), he lives some way away which is why its not quite so easy to meet up sooner.

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