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No really, please come back to the page…look down at the words….there you are. Before we talk about anything else, we need to establish a foundation.

Let me make a statement right off the bat that is important: If you are a Christian you do not have to be married, but you can choose to be.

I am only sought after because I am in the public eye to some degree…I am under no dilusions of awesomeness ::grin:: although I do think I have a great smile.

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It made me wonder: What if a generation of Christians give a dedicated season where they choose not to think about a spouse or romance for a time?

Of course I am not asking anyone to make this commitment or for the length of time I have but what would happen if we would allow ourselves to be set apart first?

I love that what started as a blog series because I was sick of giving the same advice over and over turned into this book!

We added surveys, mad libs, dating quotes, pick up lines, it was really fun to put together.

You guys are my force of marketing, if you love it, the book will sell because of you.

Here is our little video promo for the book : Cheesy but fun So one of the most common questions by mothers that I get is “Why are you not married yet?

I think what is more important is first putting together a dream list in what you want to see God do in you first! On the first page write: Now what’s important about answering these types of questions is it’s the kind of survey that puts a mirror up to your own self and you start to get to know yourself.

Lets put together our very own best version of our self scale that we can compare our self too. Some of you may need a journey of getting to know yourself.

I wasn’t crippled by the restraint, instead I walked in a level of freedom from having to think about a mate, who she might be, what our life might be like, and I was able to completely focus on Him.

I am so glad I chose to walk with Him in this way for so long personally because He has filled my life with opportunities that I just wouldn’t have been able to accomplish without the freedom of being fully dedicated.

The web series was award winning and had over 275,000 readers which gave me the courage to rewrite this and put it together this way.

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