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She removed her sneakers and I noticed that she had nylons on underneath her pants.

Well my immediate thought was “is she wearing pantyhose or are they just knee highs?

To truly appreciate the second one – this one should be read first. She was a few years older and not the brightest, but cute nonetheless. She always wore skin tight jeans – because this was after all the late 80’s.

Within the first month of our 3 month relationship, she had invited me over for the afternoon.

I almost blew a load when I discovered that she was in fact wearing pantyhose under her jeans – and with no panties. ” I spat out, reminding her that at 18, she was a year younger than me! I stayed in the club house, rubbing my hard dick, since it felt so damned good! I’d heard sbout jacking off from some of the other guys, and I’d even tried it, with negative results. Posted in Pantyhose Stories at pm on January 9th, 2006 Nylon Lover (part two) by ninja-mon © ….

Not wanting to give away my fetish for the sweet feel of pantyhose, I made a pathetic attempt to act Posted in Pantyhose Stories at am on June 30th, 2007 I sat at my computer around mid day wearing my own white pantyhose and masturbating while watching movies of girls getting fucked in pantyhose… Posted in Pantyhose Stories at am on January 12th, 2006 Nylon Lover (part 3) by ninja-mon © …. This time though, after just a few more seconds, I shot a stream of cum across the floor…. Awhile later, I was in my late teens, something happened that started a new ball rolling.

Had a great time, laughed and drank a couple beers.

It’s so easy to talk to him about anything and anyone.

I got on my knees, as he pushed the front seat back and reclined it.

I slowly placed my mouth over the top of his Posted in Pantyhose Stories at am on July 16th, 2007 After reading over many of the stories posted here I decided it was time to share one of mine.

And, that he is, he has that boyish kinda of look to him which I have always found to be exciting, he is tall, nice thick black hair which I have always wanted to put my fingers through.

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