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- That genetically compatible couples have healthier children with stronger immune systems.

What genetic dating can’t do As genetic dating only looks at genetic factors, it can’t account for the social elements of attraction.

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The “remember me” option lets customers pay with just a click, without having to remember their credit card details.

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Studies have shown that we’re more attracted to partners with different genes to our own, which is believed to contribute to sexual chemistry.

The theory is that we select people on the basis of their becoming the mother or father of our children, and that passing on the widest range of What are the benefits of a genetic match?

They visit with one another at least four times a week.

I feel pressure to attend, but usually politely decline.

Some only offer the initial test, requiring you to find your potential ‘love interest’ first (perhaps on another dating site) before paying an additional fee to test for your genetic compatibility.

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