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‘America will put our embassy in Jerusalem,’ Haley said. ‘The United States will remember this day,’ US Ambassador Nikki Haley told the assembly.

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I'm sure there'll be vandalism attempts once they find out where the cameras are. And that's not infringing on privacy - we're not looking in people's windows.

These cameras are in wide open spaces where citizens asked for them." "I think this scheme's well within reason as far as security purposes go, and less offensive than a wall.

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I didn't see all of them but there was one case, for example, of movement in an isolated area. It could have been foot traffic, going to check on a stash. it turned out that we didn't find any wrongdoing there. If we encounter a person we suspect is undocumented, then we pass them on to the federal authorities.

It's misinformation by our own media to say that we targeting immigration.

Using cameras instead of building a wall would be a step down from the US authorities in my opinion.

They'll be surveying the border where there's no official crossing and they're well within their rights to do so.

Of course there are people who will talk about the Big Brother thing, others who will talk about immigration, and others who will say it's voyeuristic. But we know we're doing this for the safety of the nation.

We have a pretty open border with our neighbours to the south and bad people could take advantage of that.

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