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They had been sent by the governor at Santa Elena (Parris Island) in South Carolina.

Captain Juan Pardo, leader of the expedition, left about 30 soldiers at the fort while continuing his exploration.

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Longer, harder, and yet more lovingly than he had thought to be possible. So forgiving and considerate even after all the truly terrible things that had happened to him? (Can be read without reading the first part of the series) A decade after the Second Wizarding War, Harry accidentally stumbles into a certain silver-haired man in Muggle London.

Their lives, lived apart for so long, somehow manage to find a way to intertwine.

I know that I’m supposed to like the Harry Potter books, but I got my own fix of boarding school life from Enid Blyton a generation earlier.

I’ve still got a crush on tomboyish Darrell from Upper Fourth At Malory Towers.

It was two centuries before Europeans tried to settle again this far west in the colony.

Indigenous peoples inhabited the interior as well as the coastal areas for thousands of years.

Or, the one where Draco Malfoy trips down the stairs and Harry Potter gets ahold of too much firewhiskey and that’s how it all starts. Draco felt himself push the man, the impossible man in his arms, against the wall on the other side of the alcove.

And he felt himself kiss him like he’d never kissed him before. In which Harry and Draco help each other look forward to the new year.

Despite belonging to different races, with very different ways of life, Luna and Ginny have always been drawn to each other.

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