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However, Luis hides this from Tony and goes so far as to lie to Tony about his activities at least twice.

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In 2005, Gay Tony hired Luis Lopez as a doorman and bouncer for Hercules.

They quickly form a father-son-like relationship (Luis having been abandoned by his father, and Tony being unlikely to ever have children due to his age and orientation), although Tony later admits to Luis, "I only hired you because I thought you were dumb".

Gay Tony had been dating a yoga instructor long-term before meeting his boyfriend Evan Moss.

Gracie and Evan first got him hooked on painkillers and cocaine, according to Luis, and by 2008 Tony had been to rehab five times.

Shortly after, Luis manages to recover the diamonds after he ambushes a deal between Johnny (who ambushed them), Niko and Isaac Roth.

He meets Ray Bulgarin after this event, who later claimed that Luis and Tony conspired against him by buying the diamonds - by chance, the cook had stolen them from him.

He also gained world-famous heiress Cloe Parker as a best customer and casual friend.

Like Gracie, Cloe uses a lot of cocaine and influences Tony down a similar path.

When Luis, Tony and his boyfriend Evan go to buy the diamonds from a cook at the Platypus, they are all ambushed by the Lost biker gang, resulting in the death of Evan (who Luis instructed to go a separate way and stash the diamonds at Maisonette 9).

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