Dating blue balls

You deserve to get the kind of sexual pleasure you want! Of course, if you’re really turned on and saddled with a nasty case of blue balls, the best thing to do is take matters into your own hands— literally.

If your sexual partner hasn’t got you off, a solo session might be just what you need to feel relieved.

Once the blood flow returns to normal, you won’t feel discomfort. It seems we’re getting the worst of it and much more regularly! If you’re always faking your orgasms and never getting off, you probably feel blue balls regularly.

If you usually battle to reach orgasm through penetration alone, now’s the time to get your clit in on the action.

However, if you don’t have time to sneak some one-on-one time with your dildo or vibrator, try relieving the blue ball feeling with an ice pack, and next time get with a guy who’s not a selfish lover so he’ll be worried about your orgasm as much as his.

Chances are, you rolled your eyes and wanted to tell him to stop being a big baby. It’s pretty much the same thing as the male version. You’re left feeling unsatisfied and like you need a quick session with your vibrator to get rid of this unresolved feeling ASAP. You’re feeling frustrated, sure, but there’s more going on.

But, it turns out that women can get a form of blue balls too. You’re so turned on you just want to come, but you just don’t get there. Your body goes through physical things during female blue balls.

Divas Kiirsten, Cami, Lisa M., Bridget, Wendy, and Kari have a few ideas to share with you for your man’s upcoming birthday.

You’ve probably heard your guy whine about his blue balls when he was aroused but couldn’t get off, maybe because you were keeping sex off the table until you knew him better or he was alone on a Saturday night.

I’m the current contact for information about historical Ball jars on the Ball Corporation web site.

Instead, I mean how do you tell how old your Ball jar is?

okay, no you don’t have to guess, we’ll just tell you…

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