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Kathy, Mark and his girlfriend Louise, plus another driver and his girlfriend all went out to a local pub/club. As they got out of my car Steve said I should get there 20 minutes earlier than they had asked me too, and text him when I got outside.So I did, and two minutes after I sent the text, Steve came outside alone and got into the front seat.We went in to pay for our fuel and walked out onto the forecourt together.

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Having admitted that the family are really missing son Brooklyn after he moved to New York to study photography, David looked a little down in the dumps.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn was spotted laughing with a pal as he enjoys university in New York.

He had pretty much separated from his wife so began dating her.

As soon as the relationship began he realized it was not going to work. I was there in ten, parked my car and got into his.

Steve was the first person to feel the baby I was carrying move in my belly, everyone assumed it was his, and that we were already seeing each other.

Someone had told his estranged wife we already were, but we didn’t know who.The budding photographer seemed to be in good spirits as he chatted with his friend rocking simple purple t-shirt and jeans combo.He has been studying in The Big Apple since August, and hopes to earn a degree in photography.He struggled with the guilt, and his ever increasing feelings for me.On the 21st of September, it was Steve’s older brother Mark’s birthday.I think deep down we both knew the real reason it wasn’t working out with Kathy. Steve knew the thing with Kathy had to end, he knew what he wanted, and I knew what I wanted too.

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