Carol donovan dating

When Carol asked him why she just lied to her son, Maddox told her she had taken a bad fall before telekinetically throwing her down the flight of stairs.

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Carol donovan dating

It was later revealed that Elijah Mikaelson somehow convinced her to stop ingesting vervain so that she would be vulnerable to vampire mind control.

After Elena undaggered him, he took her to the Lockwood Mansion where he compelled Carol to loan him some clean clothes and allow them to take refuge in her home while she was out for the day.

She was a member of the Town Council and inherited the position of mayor of Mystic Falls from her husband Richard after he died.

She knew of the existence of vampires due to marrying into a Founding Family, but she wasn't aware of the existence of werewolves until Tyler revealed his condition to her by forcing her to watch him transform into a wolf in The Hybrid.

In The Last Day, Carol was seen walking up the stairs of the family home while she was leaving Tyler a voicemail explaining that she had been hospitalized and needed him to come home.

After she hung up, it was revealed that she had somehow been compelled by a witch minion of Niklaus Mikaelson's named Maddox to call Tyler and lure him back to town.Carol later informed Damon that she was replacing Richard as the Mayor until the next election, and asked him to lead the council, a role which he accepted to maintain his cover as a human.During the events of the Masquerade Ball at the Lockwood Mansion, Tyler accidentally killed a girl named Sarah who had been compelled by Katherine Pierce to aggravate him until his temper caused him to kill her and trigger his werewolf gene.Mayor Carol Lockwood was a major recurring character of The Vampire Diaries until Season Four.Carol was the wife of Richard Lockwood, the sister-in-law of Mason Lockwood, the Mayor of Mystic Falls, and the mother of Tyler Lockwood.In The Hybrid, Carol, worried that all of Caroline's friends might be vampires as well, poured vervain into the carafe of coffee the next morning to see if Tyler had also been turned.

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