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Fill(Address Book Data Set) Dim data Table As Data Table = Address Book Data Set. Message) End Try End Sub Shared Sub Disconnect() Try Ole Db Connection. You use this transformation because you have to use a parameterized UPDATE statement to update one row at a time with the new column values.

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Select Command = Ole Db Select Command Dim Address Book Data Set As System.

Tables(0) ' ensure data Table not empty If data Table.

You can find a list of all the available providers for creating a connection in a table:.3.

Program: Design a simple Winform for accepting the details of Employee.

Is this a possibility in LINQ (I'm completely new to LINQ)?

I think this is enough code to make sense of what I'm doing, but if more is needed just let me know and I can post it up as well.

is one of the most frequently used method in Ole Db Command Object and is used for executing statements that do not returns result sets.

The Execute Non Query() performs Data Definition tasks as well as Data Manipulation tasks also.

It is unlikely that a staging table will have another process competing for access.

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