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If you are looking for a more unique dating app, Happn has to be the one for you.

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It was then that she realized there really was no easy way for friends to help each other out, especially if they lived in different places. She's been beta testing it in the UK and Australia for several years, and now she's ready to make it official in the U. It's for anyone who wants a little help from a friend, including those who’ve dated online so much that they've grown weary from all the swiping and endless disappointment.

Now you can pass on this dreaded task to your trusted surrogate and let him or her do all the grunt work — and, even better, deal with all the rejection.

It's a lot of steps to go through to help your friends find casual sex.

So chances are it will end up serving people who are looking to find more lasting connections.

So if your sense of altruism isn't motivating enough, maybe your competitive side will jump in?

While singles can’t go after matches directly, they can give their wingperson a “nudge” if they see someone in the app that they want you to connect them with.

This all raises an especially interesting facet of Wingman, which is that it's far more social than your typical swiping session.

Testers reported to Wilson that they liked being able to see all the nice things their friends said about them in their profiles, and also that it was much more collaborative.

The good news for all wingwomen and wingmen-in-waiting is that it’s now surprisingly easy to insert yourselves into the romantic lives of your friends.

You simply login to the app with Facebook and create a profile for the single friend in question.

However, it’s up to you to decide if that person is, in fact, a good fit.

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