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I am soo worries as to he drags you if he wants something... I booked an appointment with a speech therapist but please assist if I am worrying about nothing. My baby is 25month old, He is not talking just mumbling like a 3month old...

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' The questions just seemed to keep on coming" says 34-year-old Amelia.

He was the one who pulled back initially due to the age, and it took two years for us to finally get together.

From birth to five years: children's developmental progress.

Bt Please's normal My boy is 1year 5months and I have not heard him say mummmy or daddy.

Enjoy listening to your toddler as she creates her own little world.

It doesn't matter if what she says doesn't make sense. Pronouns such as ' I','she', and 'it' may confuse your toddler.

Try not to tell your toddler that she got the word wrong. So tell her, "yes, we swam yesterday." By now your toddler may be able to tell you her full name and gender, and perhaps even her age.

Talk to your toddler as much as possible as you go about your daily routine and when you are out and about.

"My friends and family were very supportive of us, they warmed to him quite quickly.

We were in the same circle of friends, so they were all very happy for us." While other couples are given the benefit of the doubt, and any problems they might face are assumed to be the cause of extenuating circumstances, if you're in a relationship with an age gap that courtesy isn't extended to you.

Get ready to be patient as your curious toddler wants to know the answer to everything!

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