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No prior research has measured prostitute mortality during a long period or has verified it with vital statistics records.

Indeed, Woolston’s 1921 observation that “no satisfactory data showing the length of life of prostitutes in America are available, for the simple reason that women are not registered as such when they die” (7, p. For three decades, continuous, community-wide surveillance of prostitutes in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has generated information on a large cohort of prostitute women (8, 9).

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Violence and drug use were the predominant causes of death, both during periods of prostitution and during the whole observation period.

The CMR for death by homicide among active prostitutes was 229 per 100,000 (95% CI: 79, 378), and the SMR was 17.7 (95% CI: 6.2, 29.3).

This relationship was unilateral: Police provided health officers access to prostitution records but not vice versa.

Between 19, health department and police prostitution records were periodically compared.

These women were known to have engaged in prostitution between approximately 19.

Most women ultimately appeared in multiple data sources during their prostitution careers (9).

Their activities included arrest and field surveillance (including the recording of personal identifiers) of persons engaged in prostitution.

Colorado statutes urged coordination between public health officials and police officers in suppressing sexually transmitted infections and prostitution (5).

Thus, we queried the SSDI systematically, beginning with SSN only and then using combinations of surname, first name/initial, and birth date to identify likely matches.

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