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Here is an example of what I'm doing: if (Form View1. Insert) I've added the code to the Page_Load and Form_Load but it doesn't work.

I've even tried to just focus the textbox using id Text Box. I made a test page not using formview and and things work fine. Please help me sort this problem and also how to perform the insert .

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Ed is right you should bind the control again if you're data-binding in code behind and u should also handle the Form View. First of all, I want to applogize for my bad English. So I have to work with a request querystring so that the good ID shows.

I am a dutch woman and it is very hard for me to explaine my problem in English. When a user comes to my page for the first time, the Formview is in Insert mode.

No exceptions are raised; the Form View Mode simply never changes, and the Mode Changed event is never fired. I would like to change the status of some contorls after the fromview is set to Edit Mode (giving them default values etc.). Changing Formview Mode to Read Only after insert (Formview in Update Panel) Hi, this code works... When there are data on the selected date, make the Form View in Edit mode and display the data, otherwise the Form View would be in Insert mode to allow use to create new record on that date.

If I try to do that in the Mode Changed event handler I get an error, because the controls on template are not yet constructed. The template for Edit mode and insert mode are mostly the same, except that the Command Name is changed accordingly.

I don't want to maintain two copies of the same content, so the Form View only has an Edit Item Template with a button called "Save", and I initiate the default mode as Edit and command N...formview Hi, I have a formview with a number of controls.

I have been trying to set some controls after the page loads with no luck.

If the table is empty, I want to change the form view to insert mode. I have a form view which retrieves data from a My SQL database. I have a formview2 within another formview1 but I want to control parameter from a sql Data Source3 outside the formview a control that is in formview2 Visual Studio 2008 and . - 10 Tutorials Mixing Razor Views and Web Forms Master Pages with ASP.

If it finds the table is not empty, then I want it to stay in edit mode. NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 Beta In this article, Scott discusses the recently released beta version of Visual Studio 2008 and .

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