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Acquarossa: an enchanting and unique place to stay Those who appreciate the picturesque, serenity and the unusual will find the Acquarossa a mouth-watering proposition - an enchanted place, so to speak, made up of white-painted stone building... You are amongst the ancient olive trees of Liguria, three kilometers from the sea.

You come to a small rural village that still lives life in the slow lane.

We tend to get a little lost in what's important sometimes and what's not.

It’s a special little place where socialising with guests and the lov...

Looking for the perfect mix of tradition, beautiful landscapes and beaches with white sand nearby?

Venezuela's state-controlled oil company Petroleos de Venezuela or Pdvsa has asked for a bond payment extension, but insists "the bonds issued by the corporation have been paid in a timely manner." Pdvsa -- buckling under weak oil prices in a closed, weak economy unhappy with President Nicolas Maduro -- said it made November payments on bonds maturing in 2021, 20 -- contrary to a J. Morgan report Monday -- but did ask for an allowed 30-day grace period on bonds due in 2035.

In a prepared release on late bond payments, in English, Pdvsa writes: " ...

We will now enter a very high manifestation time, it is the Rise of the Lightworkers. In accordance with the Chinese calendar, we are entering the year of the Earth Dog, which won't start until February 16th.

It will be more than important to pay attention to our thoughts, to keep them positive at all times and to stay in the here and the now. The energies will and are supporting our manifestation skills… This will mean people will act more courteous and polite with less emphasis on stubbornness to accept new trends and experiences.

This though, is also laced with an energy of confusion in-sighted by an undercurrent of over complication toward situations arising from the depths of our subconscious. So many people are seeking the perfect mate in this day and age, but the problem is what is perfect for them is not what they are ending up with.

Loneliness is epidemic right now and men and women alike are ending up with the first person that shows them just a little bit of attention. When love should not be less than feeling you both are getting the best end of the deal.

With regard to the PDVSA Bond maturing in 2035 and issued May 2012, we inform that the payment of interest corresponding to the semester ending November 2016 is in the process of being executed, according to the terms and conditions that set forth the time periods for this issue. Morgan noted Monday that Venezuela still has more than .8 billion in reserves.

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