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The oldest parts of Lake Tanganyika arose 9–12 MYA (Cohen, Soreghan, and Scholz 1993), and Lake Tanganyika cichlids exhibit an ancient radiation, relative to those found in Lakes Malawi and Victoria.

The most basal endemic group in Lake Tanganyika is the tribe Eretmodini (Kocher et al. 2002), and one representative of this small group, , was used as an outgroup.

Twelve different genomic regions were used in the study.

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In order to establish a useful benchmark for contrasting nuclear gene variation with mitochondrial variation, a single database sequence for ND2 was used for each of as many species of Malawi cichlids as were available.

The ND2 gene was selected because it has been sequenced in a large number of species and because the amount of homoplasy evident in the pattern of variation is far less than appears in sequences from the control region of the mitochondria.

Traditional Ceremonies in Malawi are found throughout the country, and the article below describes one important tradition, the engagement ceremony.

Chimwemwe Siyabu, from The Responsible Safari Company describes the traditional wedding and engagement ceremonies.

The estimated age of the lake is 4–5 Myr, with periodical desiccations estimated to have occurred perhaps as recently as 570,000 years ago (Delvaux 1996). The nonmbuna include a variety of pelagic and benthic forms that live over sandy portions of the lake bottom.

With the exception of a small number of tilappine species, all of the Malawi cichlids appear to form a monophyletic group (Moran, Kornfield, and Reinthal 1994; Kocher et al. “Mbuna” is described by Eccles and Trewavas (1989, p. The main points from these studies are that the mbuna are indeed closely related to one another, but that they do not quite form a monophyletic group, and that the genera are basal groups within the Lake Malawi radiation.Distance tree estimates were generated under the minimum evolution criterion (Rzhetsky and Nei 1993) as implemented in the program MEGA 3.0 (Kumar, Tamura, and Nei 2004).To test whether relative branch lengths are similar across loci, we used the relative ratio test of Muse and Gaut (1997) as implemented in the program Hy Phy (Pond, Frost, and Muse 2005).The noncoding loci were obtained using the inverse PCR protocol (Ochman et al. The Gen Bank accession numbers for these sequences are DQ231254–DQ231333.Portions of three protein-coding loci involved in pigmentation in African cichlid fishes (Sugie et al.She is the expert having recently become engaged herself!

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