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Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) rules state that any marriages among MINDEF or Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) members must be approved by the personnel's Commanding Officer or G3 branch army.

Personnel are encouraged to consult their Chief Clerks (Branch Administration Officer / Executive) for the latest ruling regarding this.

The People’s Action Party will choreograph a leadership transition before the next parliamentary election, due in 2021.

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Singaporean Citizens or Permanent Residents seeking to solemnise their marriage in Singapore our outside of Singapore to a non Singaporean are required to seek prior approval from Ministry of Manpower if the intended spouce / groom was holding a Work Permit or used to work in Singapore on a Work Permit which has since been cancelled.

However, you do not have to apply for prior approval from the Ministry of Manpower if the intended spouse / groom: Does not hold a Work Permit (e.g.

Both parties must appear in person at the registrar to declare that their intended marriage adheres to the following: They must then bring their approval to a Licensed Solemniser, which can be religious leaders (order of the church, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu, Sikh), judge, Justice of Peace, and grassroots leaders.

Marriage counselling are also offered by family service centres endorsed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

Under the category of civil marriages, the gender of a person is the one stated in his/her National Registration Identity Card.

Therefore, a recognized transgender person may marry a person who is of the opposite sex from his/her sex as stated in the NRIC.Register for free and search the site anonymously right now - It’s completely safe, secure and confidential. Net is the dating agency for the over-40s to find a partner or just new friends.Register for free and search the site anonymously right now - It’s completely safe, secure and confidential.On the other hand, in the context of Muslim marriages, a transgender person is not allowed to marry regardless of sex change done.This is waived if the person is born with both genital organs (hermaphrodite or pseudohermaphroditism) and makes a change.Inter-faith marriage is allowed as civil marriages.

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