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Although DMWW has a proactive and aggressive main replacement program, underground water mains can break for a number of reasons including corrosion, frost heave, water temperature, and pressure fluctuations.

When a water main breaks, generally water comes to the surface and flows across the ground to a storm sewer or waterway.

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As cold weather arrives, water main breaks can become more common.

Before the water service is restored, the repaired water main is flushed and sampled to restore the best possible water quality. It is a good idea to run the first water after an outage through a faucet that does not have an aerator screen, such as a bathtub. Air will make a spurting or hissing sound as it escapes through the faucet.

Once the water is flowing, allow the faucet to run for a minute or two.

When the location of the leak has been determined, water service in the area must be shut down so the break can be repaired.

Des Moines Water Works uses Code RED to communicate water outages to affected customers.

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