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When the Company is presented with such lawful orders impacting domain names within our registries, we respond within our technical capabilities.

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Several domains of the controversial academic paper filesharing site Sci-Hub have been made inactive following a court order earlier this month.

According to Whois records, sci-hub.io, and have their domain set to "server Hold", an ICANN code meaning the "domain is not activated in the DNS".

Records for and were last updated November 17 and on November 21.

Sci-Hub's stated goal is to make research papers free to access for the betterment of academia – by pirating millions of research papers and news articles from behind publishers' expensive paywalls – but several science journals have taken it to court for breach of copyright.

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On the social networking site vk, Sci-Hub wrote that users could use the DNS project servers .83 and .84.

Elbakyan said she "of course" intends to keep operating Sci-Hub.

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