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Much of it, though, is fragile or crumbly and should be left alone.The rocks came before the climbers, so the rocks have the right to remain.

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The overarching consideration for anyone climbing at Governor Dodge should be climbing only on formations that can hold up to the abuse.

The rock here is Sandstone, and some of it is solid.

All the good rock I have ever come across is posted on this site.

That said there are still a bunch of less obvious spots that are in need of exploration, and may yield some sweet new boulders.

If you want to do some exploration, let me know, and I will point you in the direction of some areas that might have some good stone...

In addition to group camp B, I think that would apply to Twin Valley North and The Complex as well.

Climbers aren't exactly adored by the DNR, so be overly considerate of the rock and other park users.

The climbing history at Governor Dodge is not nearly as storied as it is at Devil's Lake, so we as climbers can take nothing for granted (not that you should at the Lake, either). When the DNR found these it did not make them happy, so further bolting of routes is not acceptable. See Qual Wall for the bolted routes, Deutschlander Wall for TR's and the remainder are bouldering areas. Holds break at the Dodge but please don't climb if it's obviously wet!!! Or stuff a puffy jacket into a durable backpack to prevent it from being ripped when used to augment your pad. Check out the Lonely Boulders, good landing with a couple good problem in that grade range. Can anyone think of some good boulders in the v4-v6 range that could protect reasonably well with one jumbo pad?

At Red Rocks, they say no climbing for 48 hours after rain for this reason. I think some reasonable exercise in self-control is warranted. Funny how I can mention that very thing Paul just stated, but I got flamed here on MP for even mentioning making people aware of the dangers of climbing on wet sandstone. Thx for pointing that out Paul, I for one agree with you.

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